How your plagiarism detector sees the sources of plagiarized content?

At the bottom of the text marked as plagiarized content in your plagiarism report, a ‘View Sources' link will be displayed. You only need to click on that link, and the index of your sources will drop down. There is no limit to check your work through a Plagiarism Detector. Is our aim to provide our customers all the access they are searching for? Our plagiarism checker is specially designed for students to check for similarities or other writing mistakes that are common. Plagiarism software is also used by instructors to check for originality in the work that was submitted by students. When you check your paper through our online plagiarism checker, it shows actual sources from where the text or content is copied with matching sources.

There are some free plagiarism checker software available online, and those tools need a subscription to use, but our plagiarism checker for the student is a free online anti-plagiarism software that provides students a unique service to check their essays, articles, research work to make them plagiarism free. We are committed to our customer's privacy and will not share or resale papers that are submitted to our service. Our software provides students the immediate feedback on the plagiarism with sources, so the students can learn how to avoid these common mistakes and to improve their writing.

Our free plagiarism detector free software allows the student to resubmit their papers, assignments, research work without any limit to check for plagiarism. The result which includes the graph of percentage will show the accuracy of the content. Our Plagiarism software checks your papers against databases, i.e., Google, web pages, scholarly publications, and books to find out similarity index in the submitted paper and give an immediate feedback showing the percentage of accuracy and percentage of plagiarized content. Our plagiarism scanner helps you to understand your strengths and weaknesses as a writer and highlights those areas which need amendments which helps you not only to improve your writing skills but also a plagiarism free content.